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Chelsea-Lea Stokes

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BIO: I have been in the fitness industry since a young age with my family running a body building & fitness federation which is world wide. I competed in gymnastics and freestyle dance competitions since the age of four. After going to theatre school from the age of 12 to 18 I then moved on to a personal training course, I fell in love with helping other women feel comfortable in themselves. From being a size 16 down to a size 8 for a bikini competition placing in the final. Now to a comfortable size 12 I feel women should love themselves any size or shape as long as your healthy. I now run my own business which is ladies only classes - Hot Body camps.

RATE: £25 per session. Packages available

CONTACT NUMBER: 07779536582

LOCATION: Tierpro Gym, Liverpool

INSTAGRAM: @ptchelsealeastokes @hotbodycamps


“Chelsea is an amazing PT! Her classes are very motivating and she pushes you to get the results you want. She always makes sure you get the most out of each session, she is very supportive. I would definitely recommend Chelsea.”


“Chelsea’s an amazing PT, she’s motivational, supportive and makes sure you get the most out of each session. I would recommend Chelsea 100%.”


“Chelsea is a brilliant PT, she knows exactly how far to push you to get the results you want. She not only changes you physically but mentally too, she makes you stronger, she is inspiring to train with. Would definitely recommend.”


“Chelsea is an amazing PT! Her PT sessions and classes are always very motivating. Her continuous positivity and support is very inspiring. I would 100% recommend Chelsea!”


Chels is an amazing PT, trained with her for a while now & love every session! Even does the best classes, always pushes me to my limits. 100% recommend my little hun.”


The best of the best, always love how hard she pushes you in her classes and PT’s and always has your best interest at heart, nothing’s too much trouble. Would recommend in a heart beat to anyone looking for motivation not just with fitness but a new lifestyle change altogether.”


“Chels is an amazing PT. I do most of her classes and she always pushes me to better myself. I love her classes, I would definitely recommend her.”


“Brilliant personal trainer!”