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Laci Madarasz

BIO: Achieve your goal physique, lose body fat, gain muscle and take your fitness to the next level by using a structured plan implementing compound, functional movements often used by athletes while having fun in the process. I specialise in olympic weightlifting, stength / conditioning, power lifting and hard work! Look good, lift heavy, be fit!

RATE: £35 pay as you go, £180 for 6 sessions, £280 for 10 sessions or £50 for a 16 week training plan.

PHONE: 07465216121

LOCATION: DW Fitness First Dunstable

INSTAGRAM: @laci_lifts


“I have been training with Laci round work and life for a solid 9 months twice a week. He is without a shadow of a doubt the best trainer I have ever worked with. I picked him because he trains like he means business. I am a PT myself as part of my own business and like to be pushed to improve; performance, strength, fitness and technique. Laci is relentless in his commitment to each clients session and goals. He is amenable and adaptable. He has great interpersonal skills, handling my attitude and frustration when I’m either not landing something or just because I’m tired and consequently mardy. Not long after starting with Laci I sustained a pelvic injury whilst attending an upskill course. Throughout this injury he was patient, highly tolerant and super dynamic in all our sessions. Changing things up without dropping a beat in order to keep the momentum of the session and ensuring I came away happy and feeling like I’d achieved something despite the restriction and limitation. Laci is professional, hard working and motivated. He doesn’t let you slack off. He wants you to listen, to improve and to achieve your goals. He is technically highly clued up; evident from his own training. He studies other athletes training videos and techniques, sharing them to enable you to understand the subtle ways to adjust your own technique. Either for safety or simply to push your achievements and goals forward. Worth his weight. This lad is boy wonder in my view. Pick him you will graft but you will also get results provided you put in what he does, 100%!”

Hannah Liston

“I am privileged to have finally discovered a trainer who whilst having pushed me way beyond my self expectations, I have always felt completely confident with the safety of my body!
I went to Ladislav because of his focus on precision and alignment. (As a Yoga/barre teacher this plays a big importance for me).
Anyone looking for Personal Trainer with a difference, that “extra something!” I highly recommend Ladislav.”

Nicky Roch

“I am 51 years old but still very young at heart.  I joined a gym but had no confidence in what I was doing until I started to train with Laci.
Not only has he given me amazing advice but he has helped me grow in confidence to feel that I can go in the gym on my own and work out effectively. He has a range of clients and adapts his style to each client’s needs.  He pushes you and makes you realise you are more capable than you think. I would not train with anyone else now.”

Ashley Moss

“I have been training with Laci for a couple of months now. I approached him after seeing his style of training; compound movements and olympic style lifting. He has a wealth of knowledge and really listens to my goals and translates them into a realistic and practical training package. In two months my strength and fitness have majorly increased, as well as developing confidence of heavier lifting techniques. He is also a really nice guy and pushes me hard. I am seeing the exact results I had hoped for. I have never met a more passionate, enthusiastic and knowledgeable PT before!”

Peter Coulter

“I started training with Laci 4 months ago and he has completely changed my perception on having a personal trainer. I genuinely think the right PT is hard to come by but what makes him stand out is the extensive knowledge he has and his full commitment to his clients. He pushes you to the limit and makes you feel like you can achieve anything. Each session is varied and different and I have reached goals in such short space of time thanks to him pushing me hard on every session. If he sees potential, he doesn’t take any excuses and will push you to get to where you need to be. I had an injury recently through work, and had it not of been for Laci believing in me and adapting the training around my recovery, I would not of been able to bounce back so quickly. I am stronger than ever and I can’t see myself training with anyone else.  He has set the bar high! Worth every penny and you get what you pay for - quality, knowledge and commitment.”

Jade Wheeler

“I have been training with Laci Madarasz coming up to a year now, and I can honestly say I have enjoyed every session. The sessions are a great balance of improving and learning new techniques, and pushing yourself to the limit. I find his attention to detail second to none, and have felt massive improvement as a result of this. I could not recommend Laci enough!”

Thrishan Patel 

“I have been training with laci for a few months now, I approached him in the gym after recognising how he was with his clients and his professionalism. I was also told by a family member how great his session are! Laci is a great role model and people that are looking to get into becoming a PT should take a look at him. His sessions are fun but so beneficial to my long term fitness and has made me realise how much hard work pays off.  Honestly couldn't have done it without him.  I would not train with anyone else now.”

Nick Styles